A Thousand Hits!!

Today my blog hit a minor milestone. It has been viewed a 1000 times.


In the last 27 days that I’ve been blogging, not so regularly I know, but it has been a lot of fun.
I know a 1000 hits is nothing compared to a lot of other blogs/websites but I did not expect this to be a thing at all. So. Yay! :)

These days whenever I shop or look at some product in my collection I can only think of the words I can put into the blog about it. This is kinda becoming obsessive. But I love it!

Thank you all for visiting / commenting / subscribing / following my blog. Please continue to do so. And if you are new here, it would make me really happy if you do subscribe. :)
This is just the beginning.

There is many more to come.
Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!

~ JC :)

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