Review: Faces Canada Eye Shadow Brush

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This review is going to be about the Faces Canada Eye Shadow Brush. As you all should know, good tools lead to good results. Like every beginner, I started by using the Vega brushes. Well, it was ok till I realized there were better ones out there. And Vega brushes did was just place the product on the skin and were really horrible for blending. (The normal Vega brushes. The professional ones are actually pretty good. More on that in another post.)

Read on to know more about Faces Canada Eye Shadow Brush.

Price: Rs. 70 when I got it from Flipkart. Now it is Rs. 63.

Bristle Material: Nylon.

What the website says:

Must-have! Soft touch eye shadow brush with nylon bristles. Helps ensure perfectly uniform and well blended eye shadow.

Swatch: (Can I still call that?)


The Faces Eye Shadow brush is one of the tiniest brushes I own.Β It has a short handle which is easy to work with. Here’s a size comparison:

My experience:

The bristles are surprisingly soft. I honestly wasn’t expecting much after the Vega brushes since these were also pretty cheap. But for the price, this one is amazing. It is fluffier and just feels better when compared to Vega.

I pretty much use the brushes that come with a palette when I am traveling (or to carry around in the purse) but this is so tiny that I will probably carry this wherever I go. I like this brush mainly for blending colors into the socket area. It works pretty well there. It can be used for just placing the shadow on the lid or even for highlighting the brow bone or the inner corner.

Side by side comparison with the Vega Brush

Final words:

These brushes can obviously not be compared with the high-end brushes. But for the price you are paying, they are well worth it. I think I will stock up on a few more of these some day.

Rating: 5/5 Great value for money.


See you on the next post!

~ JC πŸ™‚


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