Review: L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara in Extra Black

Hey y’all,
Today I am going to review the L’oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara from a Medplusbeauty Haul I did recently. I know this mascara has been reiewed a million times everywhere but no harm in adding on one more.

I knew I am a lipstick person. (I guess you would have seen the cover pic by now.) But today I discovered that apparently I am a Mascara person. I own four of them. I know for some of you it is not a huge number. But for me, it is kinda-sorta huge number. In all honesty, I paid for only 3 of these.

Why then did I buy this mascara inspite of the other three, you ask? Well, it is because of the name. Million Lashes! Who wouldn’t want those? Read on for the review…

Price: Rs. 700. I bought it from medplysbeauty for Rs. 665.

Content: 9ml

Shelf life: 2.5 years from the date of import.


It is a tall, black and gold, sweet looking thing which feels nice and sturdy as a whole. Right off the bat, if I compare it with Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara, it is thicker and heavier. Although not ideal for traveling, I like the general packaging.


L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara is a very very wet mascara. Few days back when I applied it, I had to sneeze for some reason about 5 seconds into the mascara application and the whole mascara just spread all over my eye. It took a lot of cotton swabs and eye makeup remover to sort everything out.

The wand:

As you can see, the wand is made up of tiny tiny bristles that are evenly spaced and appear all over the base. It was hard to get the swatch on my skin as the bristles only grazed the surface. On the lashes, of course it is a different story. One thing you will have to be careful is that blob of mascara at the tip as once I was careless and there was a big black dot on top of my cheek because I misjudged the applicator.

I have no idea what the old packaging was, but the New: “Excess Wiper” does an excellent job. There is only the right amount of product on the wand and it is more than enough to apply 1-2 coats. Since the bristles are so nicely placed, there are absolutely no clumps. The result is beautiful, voluminous lashes after about a minute or so. I prefer waiting a while till it is semi-dry before applying a second coat.

Eye swatches:

(pardon the unkempt eyebrows and the tired/oily eye lids. I clicked these after 5 hours of initial application)

Quick pros and con list.


  • Adds volume.
  • Separates out lashes evenly. No only 5 lashes look.
  • Washes off easily. No need for specific eye makeup remover.


  • Not curling or waterproof. Never claimed it was. So not really a con.
  • Takes a really long time to dry and might smudge during the waiting time.

Final word:

If you have a good amount of time for makeup and enjoy the process and if you are not really looking for a curling mascara and own a curler, you should try this because it does make the lashes look the best they can be.

Rating: 4/5 (I don’t have patience to wait for the mascara to dry)


While my brother clicked my pictures today, I noticed his lashes. Have a look.

What will he even do with lashes like those? Sheesh!


  1. Thanks! I need to try this one out. The only problem is i always prefer waterproof eye make-up. I have this very bad habit of rubbing my eyes and end up looking like a raccoon halfway through the day if the mascara is not waterproof/smudge-proof.
    As for your bro’s lashes, i have NO idea why.. But MOST guys i know have thick lashes 🙁 Such irony!

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