My Luxurious Bath Series: Product Review: TRESemme Salon Silk Moisture Shampoo

Hey y’all,

So today I had a really late bath. And as always I had random thoughts pop into my head during random times and this time it was about how I haven’t had a decent blog in some time. Then I became really aware of how much time I was wasting while taking the shower. Then I realized why not blog about this luxurious bath (bath means bathtub? *sigh* I wish. I mean only a hot shower) I was having and review all the products back-to-back.

You have seen the preview. You then know what products I used.

Without further ado, here’s the first product I used, TRESemme Salon Silk Moisture Shampoo.

Read on to know more….

Price: Rs. 128 for 225 ml

Product Claims and Directions:


My views:

You might know that my skin in sensitive. But did you know that hair can be sensitive too? Yes. And mine is. Very.

My favorite and most favorable shampoo ever is the Dove Dandruff Shampoo. After that, I would say this is very close to that the Dove one.

My hair is dry but the scalp gets oily on the second day so I have to wash it almost every day. Now that I am trying to grow my hair out, there is a lot of it and I am not used to long hair since I cut it all on my first year of joining a job. My hair starts shedding every time I change the shampoo or conditioner. This one did not cause much hair loss.

The flip-top cap is convenient when the bottle is full. While clicking the pics I realized that the bottle is almost empty. I shook it quite a bit and still did not get a drop out. I had to open the cap completely to get some product out for the swatch.

The shampoo is a pearly translucent white soft semi liquid that is not very runny. It lathers quite well and my hair feels good after every use. It has an interesting smell that disappears soon.

My journey in the Luxurious Bath:

I wet my hair with warm water and took a large amount of the shampoo(accidentally) into my palm that already had some water. Lathered it up and left it semi-tied up and continued on to the next step. Next step (and steps) will follow in further blogs.

Final word:

It is a good shampoo. It has a lot of variants for different kinds of hair. I recommend this for anyone but just beware to select the shampoo specific for your hair.

I also have the conditioner in this range. I will review it another time.

Rating: 4/5. Will buy again but still looking for a better one.

Have fun, everyone!

~ JC 🙂

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