Thai Refresh Spa, A Wonderful Experience

A few weeks back (I know this review is much delayed. Sorry!), I received an invite to visit the Thai Refresh Spa. This is my thoughts about the overall experience. It was truly wonderful.

Read on to know more. 🙂

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I did my friends’ nails

Yes… I’ve been busy many ways… one of those ways is painting others’ nails every chance I got. 😀

Here’s what I subjected my friends to in the last few months.

Black and Gold Stamping Nail Art:

Black and Gold Stamping Nail Art
Black and Gold Stamping Nail Art

Click on to see more such experiments. 🙂 And tell me what you think!

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20% off on Real Techniques brushes and extra discount at

If you checked my tweets or some of my previous posts, you”d have read that I accidentally ordered stuff off internet but I was happy about it. Yes. I do such things sometimes.

The website was

Use the code: QLD935 to receive an additional discount of $5 for less than $40 purchases or $10 discount for purchases costing more than $40.


Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman is the recommended website to order Real Techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman of their super famous (and my favorite channel), pixiwoo. I love them so much that the first ever post on was their wonderful brush. You can read the review and my experience with the purchase by clicking HERE.


I already ordered these the first time:

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, On Location, Travel Essentials, 3 Brushes + Case
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Base/Flawless, Expert Face Brush

And this time, I ordered these ”accidentally”. *sigh*

Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Base/Flawless, Core Collection, 4 Brushes + Case
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Eyes/Enhanced Starter Set, 5 Brushes + Case
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Eyes/Enhanced, Fine Liner Brush
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Finish/Perfected, Setting Brush
Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, Your Finish/Perfected, Blush Brush

These will be delivered today. I am so excited! But I am here in Pune so will not be able to get my hands on them for 2 more weeks. 🙁

I am only interested in the Stippling Brush which I currently feel is unnecessary because I love my Expert Face Brush and their limited edition Duo Fiber Brushes. Then my collection for Real Techniques will be complete! 😛

The site also sells Ecotools products. I know a lot of you would want those as well. 🙂

I always use a coupon code for extra discount. You can use the code: QLD935 to receive an additional discount of $5 for less than $40 purchases or $10 discount for purchases costing more than $40.

Hope this information is helpful. 🙂

Getting back on the blog finally! And the Huge Hauls! :D

Yes. The Weddings are over and have been over since quite a while now and I am starting to get used to the married life situation. I am going to get back to blogging about my exploits and giving deep insights to all of you regarding what I find interesting.

And that brings us to this post. The pre- and post-wedding hauls. In one post these might seem HUGE! But well, enjoy the pics. 🙂


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Quick and Final wedding post

I haven’t blogged a lot this month. I am afraid this will remain the case for a few more weeks. Planning and making a wedding happen is a huge task, apparently. Today I wanted to quickly blog about the wedding.



To plan the wedding properly, I researched and found a list of things that might have to be done from here. Then I set about adding these to a google spreadsheet and assigning to people: me, the dude and my brother.

There were around 65 appropriate items in the list and with 6 days left to the wedding, there are a few left.

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Review: Inglot YSM Cream Foundation

Hi!! Remember me?

I know. I know. Sorry for being MIA for a so long! There was just a lot to do personally and professionally. All those are being dealt with and some have been already done and forgotten. So… onto the review…

Today’s review is on my favorite foundation EVER! Of late I have become a minor Inglot-freak. Inglot, as a brand, is a much cheaper option to high-end products. The quality of all the products I have used so far is top class and they tempt me to buy more and more stuff from the brand. Keep reading for the actual review…

Inglot YSM Cream Foundation
Inglot YSM Cream Foundation

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My MAC Haul (In the name of the wedding)

It’s always nice to shop. Its really nice to shop in the name of the wedding.

I finally booked a MUA for the wedding. She is from MAC. (And Boy! Is she pretty!)
I went to her work place to give her the advance and couldn’t not be tempted and this happened.

Here are some pictures.


Continue for more pictures….

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Review: Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk

Hey yáll,

This is a review of my First Color Tattoo from Maybelline in Pomegranate Punk.

The world is raving about this and I have now seen why. Read on to know more… You will not regret it.

Pomegranate Punk

Pomegranate Punk

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Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Hey yáll,

I am here today with a brand new review of my most recent favorite product. If I could get a new user ID based on a brand, it would be LushLover2011 (2011 because I discovered true Lush love that year). I love Lush so much that my boy friend gifted me 6 Lush gift coupons worth Rs. 501 on my birthday this year (among a lot of other things).

Last weekend, I used up the last of the coupons and then spent a grand more. Let me tell you about the best salesman ever that was in the Lush store I went to:
I went to just get a refill for my now empty Dark Angels cleanser. The SA showed me the cleanser and tried pushing a moisturizer which I politely declined (I use the Clinique one). Then I went to the counter to pay for the cleanser when a different SA appeared and sweet talked me to buy the mask. He said all the right words that made me pounce on the tub and buy it right there! He was just *that* good. Anyway, I do not regret buying it. Its one of the best products I have used from Lush.
Mask Of Magnaminty

Continue reading to know more of the product…

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NOTD: Pink Flowery Nails


I am very sorry to be so irregular with the posts. This weekend has been extremely hectic like a lot of the recent weekends. I was too tired with all the roaming I did in two different cities trying on a lot of different things. I will try to be more regular.

This NOTD I did while talking to my mom in the middle of the night. I hope you like it.
Do comment below and let me know. 🙂

Nails. Colored.
The Before…

Read on for more pictures and NOTD…

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Wedding: Initial decisions

When we decided to dive in and get on with the wedding preparations, we were clueless where to start. Thankfully, by this time all my friends were married and on their way to happy motherhood. I had a lot of helpful people to ask suggestions… and then there were blogs.

Blogs these days make life so much easier. Since the wedding would mostly be funded by my side which essentially meant whatever measly amount I had in my savings, it was very important to know how much each item would cost.

I always wanted to get married in a church with the whole traditional ceremony feeling and hopefully looking like a princess in a wedding gown. Weddings in my family and my native only had boring old white sarees. So I started a personal campaign to gain as many people on my side to support me to be the first one to get married in a gown.

I didn’t get much support in the beginning with my parents and best friends who knew the position and thought a gown can be worn only once in my life, during the wedding. Whereas the Saree can be worn again on some special occasions. This didn’t entirely convince me but I agreed to that logic.

I didn’t want to wear only sarees during all the weddings and the reception. So I started looking for options. Lehenga for the reception was an option. But oh my gosh! Those things cost a fortune. So instead of paying double the money on something I didn’t like much, I went back to thinking why not actually make my wish come true with a gown.

This logic finally convinced everyone…. but some of them took a little more effort. I told them after the wedding I will sell/auction off my gown on eBay or some such site. And that did it… everyone saw my point and agreed.

A month back, I went to Chennai to order my gown. Today I am in a train on my way to collect it with my mom. Yay!

~ JC 🙂

PS: Of course I was lying about selling of my gown. Shhh.