My Recent Inglot Purchases

All about Inglot! Recent is a very relative word. Let us not get into how recent this “recent” is. 🙂 As you might already know, Inglot is one of my favorite brands. The products are mostly more affordable than the higher end brand and have almost the same quality. Here in Bangalore, the Inglot outlet […]

Getting back on the blog finally! And the Huge Hauls! :D

Yes. The Weddings are over and have been over since quite a while now and I am starting to get used to the married life situation. I am going to get back to blogging about my exploits and giving deep insights to all of you regarding what I find interesting. And that brings us to […]

Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Hey yáll, I am here today with a brand new review of my most recent favorite product. If I could get a new user ID based on a brand, it would be LushLover2011 (2011 because I discovered true Lush love that year). I love Lush so much that my boy friend gifted me 6 Lush […]

Haul Post: Inglot micro-mini Haul

Hey y’all, Aren’t you all lucky! Two hauls on one single day! I visited the 1 MG Road mall for the first time. Of course I went there specifically for Inglot. I recently have been shopping a lot and so I had to severely limit myself. I decided on two items. One was definitely the […]